Ordination retreats in 2020 and 2021

We are very happy that a Spanish Ordination Retreat will take place from

08 – 18 October 2020


Dates for 2021  ordination retreats are:

Spring 1 ordination retreat: 29 March  – 05 May 2021

Spring 2 ordination retreat: 10 May – 16 June 2021

Summer 1 ordination retreat:  12 July – 18 August 2021

Summer 2 ordination retreat: 23 August – 29 September 2021 

Autumn two-week ordination retreat to be announced

You can find information about booking, travel, and practicalities (what to bring, what we provide, etc) using the menu tabs at the top of the page.

Clothes for your ordination retreat
For ordination retreats everyone wears clothes in shades of plain, unpatterned blue. This helps us go beyond personal preferences and brings a harmonious aesthetic quality. Everyone, everyday will be in clothes of these shades of blue. The only items that do not need to be blue are coats, anoraks, boots, slippers, undies, sleepwear, trousers or shorts for going out walking.


Order robes will also be worn during the 2021 retreats. More information about how to obtain yours will be available nearer the date.