order retreats 2021


Five Year Reunion Retreat 2021

For those ordained during the three month retreat in 2016.

Costs: €465; concessions: €395 

Dates to be confirmed

Stupa Retreat: 25 October – 03 November 2021

Living, working and practising together as a community while building a dry stone stupa dedicated to Dhardo Rinpoche, to hold some of his ashes.

We will be led by Tracey Blackwell, a talented dry stone waller with over a decade of experience who is very excited about coming to lead this project. She has co-led a work retreat at Ambaranta’s place in Spain, repairing and rebuilding the stone terraces there. In our local area, there are various examples of dry stone wayside shrines and well-housings that have inspired our design. We have already begun collecting stone and clearing the site in preparation. 

Dardo Rinpoche’s ashes have been sitting on the community shrine waiting for this vision to manifest. You can help to bring the vision into being. Join Maitreyi and the community for 10 days of hard work, meditation, ritual and relaxation in the context of spiritual friendship and fun.

We will be asking for donations to cover expenses.