order retreats 2019/2020

For Dharmacharinis

Retreat led by Viveka and Singhashri.
Wednesday 7th to Wednesday 28th August 2019

We are pleased that once again Viveka is coming to lead a meditation retreat here at Akashavana, with Singhashri. More details will follow but for now, to secure a place, please email us and send a deposit of €150/£135. Details of how to do this are on the How to Book page.

Cost: €875 / concession €760

This retreat has a few places left. When booking please specify whether you want a camping space or a bed in the house.


Open Meditation Space
Friday 20th September to Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Come and join those of us living here for an open meditation space, supported by the community, but with an opportunity to follow your own rhythm. The shrine room will be there to use whenever you feel moved to sit, or find a space outside in the land to sit and contemplate the blue sky. 

Open to all Dharmacharinis. 

Cost: dana, but with a suggested donation of €150


5 Year reunion retreat
Monday 7th to Wednesday 16th October
For those ordained here in 2014

Cost: €465 / concession €394


Dharmacharini work retreat
Friday 18th to Monday 28th October

Following up on 2018’s enjoyable work retreat we are offering another opportunity for Dharmacharinis to express their wish to help Akashavana by coming out to play (and work)! Here are some testimonials from this year:

“Thanks for allowing me to spend such a relaxed time with a lovely bunch of women at Akashavana.   I think that retreat has prompted the biggest shift that’s happened for me since getting ordained.  Work retreats are underrrated!   I very much appreciated it and all of us.” 

“I loved the working retreat.”

We will not be charging for the retreat, but would appreciate some dana to cover food costs


Seeing with proper Wisdom
21st September to 12th October 2020

A 3-week Order meditation retreat in 2020, co-led by Maitreyi and Padmasuri.

The primary focus of the retreat will be on the Six Element practice and Sadhana.

For a number of years Maitreyi and I have been keen to explore the six element practise further and deeper with other Order members in the conducive and elemental conditions of Akashavana. My experience of leading many of the long ordination courses is that when we come to teaching the 6 elements, often this part of the retreat becomes a memorable highlight for many as we slip into deeper and deeper silence, and look at the elements, internal and eternal, allowing a loosening of self clinging and an opening to something far more vast and mysterious. Yet, once people go home from their ordination retreats back into busy lives, even if they have had a strong and insightful experiences, ‘life’ tends takes over, and quite often the 6 element reflections fade, and the practice rarely done again. Maitreyi and I wanted to give more emphasis to the practice in an ongoing way, on a substantial length retreat. And this is it!

We hope that a number of Dharmacharinis, whether recently ordained or of long standing, will join us in this exploration. We imagine doing a little study of the Dhatu-vibhanga Sutta, the exposition of the elements, where the Buddha encourages Pukkusati, the clansman, to reflect on earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness, both internal and external, as it actually is, with ‘proper wisdom’ so as to loosen our grip on a fixed and unchanging self. We will give some input into both the 6 element practice and aspects of sadhana. Once the retreat is fully up and running we are imagining having a lot of silence, time for personal reflection, puja and devotion, options for meditation reviews, and plenty of space for exploring and relaxing into the magical realm of Akashavana.

Cost: €840 / concession €714