order retreats 2022 & 2023

19 September – 10 October 2022

Six Element & Sadhana retreat – Seeing with Proper Wisdom 

led by Maitreyi and Padmasuri

This retreat is by invitation only for those ordained in Covid times (2020/2021) and is now fully booked. If you received an invitation and would like to go on the waiting list, please email the community as below.

The Six Element and Sadhana retreat is the outcome of a long-standing wish to take these Insight practices deeper in the supremely conducive elemental environment of Akasavana. Both Padmasuri and Maitreyi have led the Six Element practice often on ordination retreats and elsewhere and want to devote a longer period to explore the depths to which the practice can take us; with the loosening of self clinging and an opening to something far more vast and mysterious out of which the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of our sadhana practices can emerge.

We will be introducing different ways of approaching the practice, including some initial study of the Dhatu-Vibhanga sutta, in which the Buddha teaches Pukkusati, to reflect on earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness, “both internal and external, as it actually is, with proper wisdom,” so that we can bring clear view to our sitting practice. We’ll also be engaging with the mystery of the elements, which in the Tibetan tradition are referred to as the Maha Bhutas, ‘Great Ghosts’ or ‘Great Magical Transformations’ both in sitting practice and in the expansive environment of Akashavana. And each day turning towards the experience of the elements in our bodies and in the universe, and letting go any sense of ownership; out of which can emerge a deep sense of release, freedom and contentment.

There will be periods of full silence on the retreat, time for personal reflection, puja and devotion, options for meditation reviews, and plenty of space for exploring and relaxing into the magical realm of Akashavana and the Mandala of the Five Buddhas.

cost: €945, or €798 concessions

Once you have booked we will let you know the cost in £ sterling 6 weeks prior to the start date of the retreat.

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25 September – 16 October 2023


A 3 week meditation retreat for Dharmacarinis at Akashavana

Led by Prasadavati & Vajradevi

The retreat will be in English.

In the wildness and beauty of the mountains of Aragon, Vajradevi & Prasadavati will share their love of the Satipatthana Sutta and the rich array of teachings and approaches to meditation and wisdom within it. Our aim is to use mindfulness in the service of liberation through the practice of awareness and right view, in such a way that reveals the joy, depth and clarity available to us.

The emphasis in meditation will be receptive and attentive, meeting the present moment with a radical tenderness where subtle awareness and clear seeing mean the possibility of wisdom is always present. There will be a particular emphasis on the ways self-clinging manifest in our experience and exploring compassionate awareness & right view in relation to the lakshanas.

The retreat will take in the needs of the participants balancing input with periods of unstructured practice. We will be in silence throughout most of the retreat, with opportunities for questions and to share our practice.

cost: Due to rising costs, we will be increasing our retreat rates in 2023. We will keep the increase as low as we can and will publish the new rates as soon as they have been confirmed.

Stirling rate to be advised nearer the time of the retreat

contact: [email protected] for booking and information

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