Ordinations in Scotland

The following women were ordained in Dunkeld, Scotland on the 30 July, 2006

Public Preceptor Padmasuri

Clare Barton-Harvey becomes AMITAJYOTI. She whose light is immeasurable/boundless. (Private preceptor Ratnavandana)

Dot McGahan becomes SURYAMATI (long “u”). She whose mind is like the sun. (Private preceptor Punyamala)

Gordana Avramovic becomes JNANESVARI (long first “a”, “s” pronounced “sh”). Queen, “noble lady” of knowledge. (Private preceptor Vajrapushpa)

Sue Ilsley becomes PRASADAMATI (long second and third “a”). She whose mind is bright, pellucid, kind and calm. (Private preceptor Vajrapushpa)

Agnes Verbon becomes DAYAPADMA (long second “a” and long last “a”). Lotus of kindness. (Private preceptor Vajragita).

Maureen Brandon becomes MOKSAVAJRI (“s” pronounced as “sh”, long “i”). Vajra of liberation. (Private preceptor Parami).

Public Preceptor Ratnadharini

Fiona Jeffrey becomes Mokshalila (long “i”, long last “a”). She whose play is liberation. (Private preceptor Punyamala).

Heather Fitzsimons becomes GUNAKARA (dot under the “n” and a long first and last “a”). She who is a mine of virtues or who scatters virtues. (Private preceptor Kalyanasri).

Chris Holdsworth becomes SUBHAGA. She who is well blessed. (Private preceptor Sobhana).

Robyn Smith becomes ARYAJAYA (long first “a”, long last “a”). She of Noble Victory. (Private preceptor Padmasuri).

Rosemary Bartlett becomes DHARMAVAJRI (long “i”). She who is a vajra with egard to the Dharma. (Private preceptor Vajragita).

Jo Coates becomes KSHANTIKA (both long a’s). She who has patience, tolerance, spiritual receptivity. (Private preceptor Maitreyi).

Elisabeth Lynn becomes ANANTAMANI (dot under the last “n”). One who has or is an infinite, boundless, eternal jewel. (Private preceptor Kalyanasri).

Barbara Trznadel becomes SUNETRI (long “i”). A good leader. (Private preceptor Kalyanasri).

Public Preceptor Maitreyi

Jenny Lam becomes SASSIRIKA (Pali) (long second “i”, long last “a”). Glorious, shining, beautiful (through her contact with the Three Jewels). (Private preceptor Dhammadassin).

Rose King becomes SUVARNAMAITRI (dot under the “n”, long “i”). She whose friendship is golden. (Private preceptor Kulanandi).

Tere Valverde becomes SADDHAJOTI (Pali) (long second “a”). She having the light, the radiance of faith. (Private preceptor Parami).

Kathleen Winter becomes DHARMASHURI (long “u”, long “i”). The heroine who embodies the path to Enlightenment. (Private preceptor Dayanandi).

Jo Hughes becomes KAMALAGITA (long “i”, long last “a”). The song of the red lotus. (Private preceptor Dayanandi).

Martha Rios-Lopez becomes AKASAVAJRI (long first and second “a”, long “i”). Vajra in the sky/in space. (Private preceptor Parami).

Maggie Fasse becomes AMARACITTA (long last “a”). She whose mind-heart is deathless. (Private preceptor Prasadavati).

Laura Thomson becomes VANDIKA (Pali) (long first “a” ). She who worships or praises. (Private preceptor Khemasiddhi).

Public Preceptor Dayanandi

Chandra Birenbaum becomes KARUNADAKINI (long 2nd and 3rd “a”, long second “i”, and first “n” and “d” have a dot underneath). Dakini of Compassion. (Private preceptor Ashokashri).

Ginny Layton becomes SURYAMANI (long”u”). Sun-stone, sun-gem, (jewel of the sunlight). (Private preceptor Dhammadassin).

Cherry Collins becomes TARAGITA (all vowels long). Song of Tara. (Private preceptor Parami)

Public Preceptor Parami

Sheila McIntosh becomes SATYAVAJRI (long “i”). She who is a diamond or thunderbolt of truth/reality. (Private preceptor Viryadevi)

Cristyn Emmett becomes SHRADDHAMANI (long second “a”, stress on the syllable “ma”). She having the gem of faith. (Private preceptor Kulaprabha)

Belinda Birch becomes SATYASHRI. She whose radiance is Truth. (Private preceptor Ratnavandana).

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