Follow-up on moksabunny

Vijayasri called in on our friends near Valencia after Moksabunny had been with them a few weeks. He was looking very trim and had lost all his factory farm fatness. He had become fitter and energetically evaded capture each night and had them running around after him. He thumped his feet a lot and generally evinced character and spirit. Moksabunny enjoying his freedom! Later I heard he was becoming less nervous of people and starting to enjoy being stroked.

But shortly after I got a call that he had managed to slip under a fence at the far end of the orchard that was his playing field. He didn’t come back and within days Vidyasri had found furry remains. There are a number of foxes in the area to whom he would have made an easy dinner. One of them didn’t go hungry that night. I was sad to hear of his death although it wasn’t totally unexpected. Vidyasri does a lot of ritual involving nature and when she told me she was going to make something from the grey foot she found with the remains the thought went through my mind “But that’s Moksabunnys foot!” I’d got attached to him as a small furry presence in my life, one that I was sorry to have to let go of.

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