Building Update, March 2005

Vijayasri and Vajrananda (our builder) have spent the winter months in a chilly flat in Penarroya, the nearest village to our property. They have been visited with up to 3 or 4 volunteers at a time who have been helping out rebuilding the house that will become the support community.

The winter has been unusually severe in the region with the locals exclaiming over the low mists and daily rain followed by extreme cold that froze all the water on site and then inches of snow that turned the mountains into a magical looking fairyland. Even though working conditions have at times been a bit cold and grim volunteers have come back enthusing about the beauty and special feeling of the land that will become our retreat centre for long ordination retreats.

The house has got to the stage now where it has a newly insulated roof and newly created windows and internal wall frames. Most floors are concreted and tiled and the next step is to install the ‘electrics’ which will provide us with solar power for lighting and running appliances. In May or June we hope the major work will be finished and Vijayasri will move from the flat to the house, followed in July by Vajradevi who will relocate from the UK.

Many thanks to all those who have offered their labour to Aranya, and particular thanks to Vajrananda for his sterling work!

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