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Bodhiheart Retreat,
training the heart/mind (citta) in Awakening
A two week meditation retreat

24th July to 7th August
With Vijayamala and Mokshanandi

The Lo Jong (‘Mind Training’) tradition provides practical advice, guidance and precepts to enable us to develop and deepen both the wisdom and compassion aspects of bodhicitta. In the context of this mostly silent meditation retreat we shall take some of these instructions into our meditation practice, exploring how to connect and open to others and to the flow of experience, freeing up the deeper causes of suffering that keep us separate and self-concerned.  We shall be especially using techniques of exchanging with breathing (tonglen) found in the Bodhichitta practice.

With periods of open practice supported by some instruction, guided meditations, puja, ritual, silence, and the stunning natural shrine space that is Akashavana.  With the opportunity for meditation reviews.

Costs: €650 | €545 (concessionary rate)

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The Here and Now Mountain RetreatP1010277
A two week meditation retreat

10th to 24th October
with Vajradarshini and Yashobodhi

‘Only the consciousness which is free from all taint of selfhood lives in the world of emptiness and compassion and therefore in the world of perfect bliss as well.’
Sangharakshita in Crossing the Stream

Compassion and emptiness are inseparable. Enter through the door of emptiness, and insight comes from seeing experience as radically impermanent, unsatisfactory and empty of self. Seeing this breaks through self-referential views, the fetters, which exist at more and more subtle levels. As these fall away the heart opens to boundless compassion.

But we can also work the other way around. Using the cultivation of boundless compassion, we move gradually into emptiness. The ‘fullness’ of compassion can help us not to fall into a nihilistic or stark emptiness.

Vajradarshini and Yashobodhi will bring their own inspirations into this retreat, exploring the relationship between compassion and emptiness. These include the brahma viharas, tonglen, the laksanas and the 10 fetters.

There will be some input each day and led reflections and meditations but the retreat will mostly be in silence after the first couple of days.

Costs: €650 | €545 (concessionary rate)

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