order retreats 2018

For Dharmacharinis

We apologise for the late publication of our 2018 programme
We are offering a Dharmacharini work retreat this year.


Work as play and shared practice
Friday 12th to Wednesday 24th October

Hosted by Amritamati and Mumukshu and Maitreyi

Come and join us for 12 days of living together as a community, practising in the glorious surroundings of Akashavana, with some daily work/activity to keep us focussed! It should be enjoyable and satisfying for us all. It could also be a great opportunity to come with friends and have a working holiday together. There will be a range of tasks to be done from light indoorsy things, to heavier outdoorsy things. Offerings of evening pujas/activities welcomed.
Free but donations always gratefully received.