Akashavana is the women’s ordination retreat centre of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Our retreats are only for women ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order or for women who have been invited to attend an ordination retreat here. The centre is located in a remote mountainous region of Aragón in Northern Spain, and maintained and run by a small community of women living nearby.

We are currently raising money in order to repair some of the ancient terrace walls which protect the land from erosion. These walls were painstakingly built by hand to carve out spaces for cultivation in the steep mountainside, and have sadly fallen into disrepair. We feel it is part of our stewardship to save what we can. Any donations can be made through our bank account.

We are offering a working/community retreat this year, for dharmacharinis, and a meditation retreat led by Viveka and Singhashri in 2019 please see order retreats page.